Health Line

Health Line

Health Line is an important part of Palmistry reading as it talks about the possible complications and conditions related to a person’s health. A thorough study of the Health Line would give a valuable insight into his health status and condition.

Health Line in Palmistry

Normally, the Health Line begins from the Fate Line and climbs upward to reach the mount of Mercury. The Health Line is also known as

  • The Line of Hepatica
  • The Line of Mercury
  • The Line of Liver

Significance of Health Line

Health Line might differ from one person to another. In some people’ hands, there is a distinct presence of Health Line while in others, the Health Line is very thin or not present at all. In palmistry, there is great significance of Health Line and it is studied with great care. Proper reading of Health Line can analyse the health condition of a person and thus help to a great extent.

The absence of the Health Line in the palm of a person indicates that the person enjoys sound health. People who have wide and deep Health Line signify that the person is troubled with several health hazards. Further, if a person possesses firm and apparent Health Line, it implies good health, whereas, uneven or broken Health Line in the palm strongly marks bad health. Several small and broken Health Lines indicate that the person suffers from continuous ill health.

Palmistry experts believe that people who have clear palm devoid of any Health Line connote excellent and robust health condition and healthy nervous system.

Different Connotations of Health Line

In Palmistry, broad and pale Health Line strongly connotes bad circulation. If the Health Line is of red colour, then it is an indication of troubles related to the heart, especially when it crosses the line of heart with flat, small nails.

The different colours, marks and forms of the Health Line define varied status of health. In this context, the language of palmistry considers the almond-shaped, long nails on the Health Line as a sign of delicacy and weakness of the lungs. The almond shaped nails and the presence of islands on the upper area of the Health line also suggest respiratory problems. The flat nails such as nails with shell shape on the wide Health Line are a strong indication of the probability of complicated nerve disease or paralysis, according to the palmistry science.

If the Health Line is present in a very red colour in the form of small spots, then it is an indication of serious disease like Rheumatic fever. If the Health Line is uneven, twisted or pale yellow in colour, then it connotes complications related to liver or bile problems. If the Health Line is deeply marked and goes on to join the Heart and Headlines, it indicates brain-fever. If Health Line is present in straight pieces, it connotes bad digestion.

The science of Palmistry also takes into account the study of other lines related to the health line such as life line. If the life line is present in chains and looks very weak, it naturally would mean a poor health and would increase the risks and dangers related to health. If the Head Line is found to be full of small islands or forming a chain, then it would signify illness like headaches and brain disease.

To get the most accurate details of the Health Line, the Health Line should be studied carefully and lines such as Life Line and Head Line should be taken into consideration to get precise palm reading.

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