Heart Line

Heart Line

In a human palm, lines say a lot about a person’s characteristics. Every line has its own significance and portrays a person’s ability to grasp or display his/her emotions. Heart line that begins beneath the little finger and goes up in your hand says a lot about your love life.

Position and Interpretation of the Heart Line

Heart line begins from the little finger, also known as Mercury Finger and runs on the uppermost on your hand beneath all fingers. Heart line illustrates the degree of sensitivity of a person with which he/she approaches the world and tells the story of personal as well as emotional history.

This line describes all about love. The heart rules the intellect, if the heart line appears lower on the hand. A straight heart line shows exactly the opposite i.e. the intellect rules the heart. Hence, such a person is ruled by the intellect and neglects his emotional needs.

The heart line generally ends somewhere below the Saturn or Jupiter fingers or in between them. The point where the heart line starts branching out can be considered as the end of the heart line.

  • If this line branches to Saturn, it indicates the powerful attachment to wealth in romantic situations. There is another interpretation to this as well i.e. the person may dominate the love object.
  • When the line branches between the Saturn and Jupiter, the person is extremely respectful and faithful in love. This is considered as an ideal condition.

If the heart line goes flat under Jupiter, it indicates that the person has compassion for the entire world. He is the one who does not get stuck in any attachment. This type of person is loving and supportive in his behaviour and is highly efficient in matters of money.

If the heart line is broken or chained or shallow, it can be really very frustrating for the bearer as it symbolizes his/her inconsistency or flightiness. The person cannot find love as the attention span does not last very long.

If branching outlines are very small and large in numbers, the person might have many love affairs in his life. The timing and duration of the affairs depends upon where the line actually started. If the auxiliary lines cross each other, there can be various problems in the person’s relationships. If the line is broken and fine, it indicates that the person is unable to forge a strong relationship.

Island on the Heart Line

When a person has an island on the heart line below the mercury mount (little finger), it indicates gastrointestinal weakness. The islands on the ring finger indicate that the person might suffer from eyesight problem. The heart lines are always surrounded by many auxiliary lines because the matters of the heart are really tough to deal with.

The Island on the heart line is not a good sign for the person as it shows stress and problems in individual’s life. The problems can be heart-related diseases or emotional distress.

Heart Line towards the Mount of Jupiter

The mounts of Jupiter only deal with the goals and ambitions of life. On many occasions, the heart line completes at the central part of Jupiter mount. This makes the person take a crucial decision between love-life and the career. In this case, though the person follows the career and ambition, love still remains as the primary motivator. Such people do not live for prestige, survival or wealth, but they are passionate, excited and ready to fall in love very easily.

Timing of the Heart Line

There are many things that are characterised by the shape of the heart line. If the heart line has many little auxiliary lines starting from it, then it indicates the presence of too many love affairs. If these lines cross each other, then it indicates the weakness of relationships.

Defects in the Heart Line

Almost every heart line has some defects in it. As every person goes through different phases, challenges and emotional changes in life – the same happens with our heart line. The negative marks on the heart line can cause emotional turmoil originated by internal conflicts. Each and every mark on the heart line has a psychological effect and has its own significance. The negative marks on the heart line can be islands, crosses, breaks, crossbars, stars and dots. These marks cannot be taken lightly as they are an indication of lifelong emotional challenges of the person and can affect him.

Branches at the End of the Heart Line

Many times, there are branches at the end of the heart line which indicate that the person is capable of loving multiple partners at the same time. People with such heart line can only interact in terms of love. They withdraw easily when there is no love.

Heart line is indeed intriguing and lets you know a lot about your love life.




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