Life Line

Life Line

Palm reading is considered as the most effective way of predicting one’s future in India and several other countries as well. It is not new in astrology. Since many years, palm readers have been telling the fortune of people by reading their hands. For those who are still unaware of what palmistry is actually about, Astro Charcha is the best place to know everything in detail.

Locating the Life Line

Life line starts from the middle of the thumb and forefinger. It can extend to the base of the thumb or up to your wrist. It is a myth that length of this line depicts a person’s duration of life. The Life line is helpful in determining the incidents of life, health, your relationship with others, vitality, energy level, emotional and physical well-being.

Don’t worry, if you are not able to locate your life line on the palm. It could be that your life line is not too clear or thick. What you can do is press the thumb towards the centre of your palm; this would make your life line visible. Else, put a layer of powdered charcoal on the palm and then fan it away. Some amount of charcoal would settle into the lines making them visible.

How to Analyse Your Life Line?

To make it easier, you can divide the life line into three segments indicative of three major stages of a person’s life. These parts would define the following:

  • First Segment: Infancy, Childhood and Teenage years
  • Second Segment: Early Adulthood, Middle Age
  • Third Segment: Old Age


Presence of Multiple Life Lines

The presence of a more than one line tracing the palm can be a good sign for an individual. It is a symbol that you are blessed with good, healthy and energetic life. Multiple life lines are often found to be indicative of a strong protective force around a person.

Absence of Life Line

The absence of life line is not considered as a good sign for the health of a person. People who have all other lines clear but only life line is absent, are prone to get ill quite often.  It depicts possibility of sickness, accidents and health issues throughout the life.

Other Patterns and Shapes of Life Line

  • Parallel Lines – High energy, strong physical vitality, positive vibes, ability to fight diseases and great stamina
  • Chained Line – Poor health since birth
  • Forked Line – Chances of interruptions and redirection, not necessarily negative. Depends upon the placement of fork
  • Long Deep Line– Well-balanced and good stamina

There can be other marks like grills, triangles, chains and dots present with the life line on your palm. These symbols also need to be analysed to get a clear prediction of a person’s life path.

Astrology basically consists of many different belief systems which can tell you the relationship between astronomical phenomenon and human being.

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