Marriage Line

Marriage Line

Palmistry is a great method of predicting one’s future. Palm readers analyse the hands of an individual to find out what life has been until now and what it would be in coming years. There are several lines in a human’s hands. These lines depict one or the other aspect of life.

Marriage line is also known as relationship line, love line or affection line. It reflects different situations of married life, marriage time, your attitude towards love and about love relationship. The marriage line is located right above the heart line and below the little finger. There can be more than one marriage line, no marriage line or a single marriage line present on your palm. Usually, the longest line is considered as vital for judgement.

Types of Marriage Line

Straight and Long Marriage Line

This sort of marriage line indicates long and deep love relationship. Such people are blessed to have a happy family. Moreover, if you have only one deep and long marriage line that is nearing the Sun line, it means that you are blessed with a happy marriage and there are a lot of chances that you would attain high achievement after marriage.

Short Marriage Line

A short marriage life indicates passionless attitude towards opposite sex. People with this sort of marriage line are likely to get married in later years of life. Moreover, if you have a short and shallow marriage line, it shows inability to fall in deep love and impatience to pursue opposite sex.

Upward Marriage Line

The more risen a marriage line is, the happier a marriage would be. Such people come across a settled, worry-free marriage in their life.

Downward Marriage Line

A downward sloping line is not considered as too good. It means you can have problems and unhappiness in their married life. Singles with this line might have a pessimistic view about marriage. However, married with this sort of line must look forward to making their marriage more successful.

Forks in the Marriage Line

A forked or ‘Y’ sign in the beginning of the marriage line is indicative of divorce or split-up. However, a fork of the end of the line shows chances of separation and crisis. It also means you can remain unsatisfied and confused throughout the life.

The presence of different shapes like forks, chains, islands, etc. reveals a lot of things about your married life. Though this analysis is informative, you should never make decisions based on such predictions. These lines usually change with experiences in life and the more efforts you put in your married life, the more benefits it would reap you later!

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