Money Line

Money Line

Palmistry Offers A Way to Amass Wealth – Know What Your Money Line Says

Palmistry is the mystic realm of decoding the secrets that a person carries in the palm. In palmistry, each and every ridge and mount, line and finger is an important element, which signifies something. Palm readers provide a deep insight into your future and what lies beyond it. You can know about the compatibilities, money, career and variety of other things. It provides a quite holistic view of the things far from our comprehension.  It is one of the ancient practices, which have survived till today, because of its never fading charm and accuracy.

There is no specific money line in palmistry.  However, there are many lines and each of them has different aspects of the financial life of a person to indicate.  These lines are present in different parts of the palm.

Four Types or Ways a Money Line Shows It on a Hand

  • The first line of wealth commences at the base of the thumb. It starts there and moves forward towards the bottom of the index finger. This is a clear attestation of the fact that the person is naturally blessed with money.
  • The second type of wealth line is the one which starts again at the base of the thumb but goes to the pinkie finger. This is evidence that the wealth will pour from an inheritance or money will come via some relation. It will be acquired money.
  • The third type of the line is one that commences from the base of the thumb and runs up to the middle finger. This shows wealth acquired by business advances. All the money pouring, in this case, would be mainly because of the business deals.
  • The fourth type is present at the other side of the palm. It includes both the headline and the fame line. This line starts at the headline and moves towards the ring finger and cuts through the fame line. This is an indication that the wealth amassed will be through luck and prove to be a surprise.

These are the supposed money lines that a palm reader needs to look at.

There are some specific scenarios, which might affect the money aspect in your life.

  • In a case where the lifeline has a connection with the fate line, the person is predicted to achieve his or her dreams. This connection signifies the fulfilment of one’s dreams, which indirectly points to the accumulation of wealth during the course of achievement.
  • Too many minute lines over the headline indicate a great financial success. If there are small lines under the headline, it points to loss of money.
  • If you look at your thumb and see the “ear of wheat” on your thumb, be sure that you would be amply sufficed in your needs.


There are various other indications of money as well on one’s palm.

  • Colour of the Palm: If the colour of the palm is white, there are many chances of acquiring wealth by marrying rich spouses. If the plum is blood red, there are vague chances of a lavish lifestyle.
  • Soft and Fat Palm: If the palm is soft and fat, it indicates a happy and rich lifestyle. A thin and hard hand would not enjoy money and wealth throughout the life.
  • The M sign: If the heart, the head and the life line are connected in such a way to make an M, then the good news here is that the person would enjoy a blissful and lavish life. The money would be in abundance and a wholesome lifestyle will be delivered.

Palmistry offers a way to know your financial status in future. Money plays a vital role in every aspect of life. People are hankering after money, and it is normal for people to have this inquisitiveness. Palmistry opens new horizons of knowledge revealing the truth about your money line.

This sea of information is ever growing and provides information about the most personal and innate topics. Everyone can enjoy its benefits and trying it has no side effects. It’s a new scientific approach towards the things, which we already have deep within our palms.


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