Palmistry Mounts

Palmistry Mounts

Mounts are those flesh bumps on the palm that look like small rolling mountains. According to Palmistry, a lot can be known by conducting a close study of these mounts.

Importance of Palmistry Mounts

According to the science of Palmistry, our palms consist of seven different mounts and each has been named after the name of planets bearing individual characteristics. According to the nature of different mounts and their developments, a person’s lifestyle, nature, tendencies, fortune, wealth, health, career, and other factors can be determined.

Different Palmistry Mounts and their Locations

  • Jupiter Mount: It is located above the Inner Mars mount and below the forefinger
  • Saturn Mount: It is situated at the start of the middle finger
  • Apollo Mount: It is located below the ring finger
  • Mercury Mount: It is located between the Outer Mars Mount and the base of little finger
  • Luna Mount: It is located below the Outer Mars Mount, near small finger side
  • Venus Mount: It is situated at the thumb base, under the Mount of Inner Mars
  • Mars Mount: The Mars Mount consists of three different mounts namely-
  • Outer Mars Mount: Located in between Mounts of Luna and Mercury
  • Inner Mars Mount: Located towards the palm side, in between the Mounts of Jupiter and Venus
  • Plain of Mars: Located in between the Mounts of Outer Mars and Inner Mars

Significance of Different Palmistry Mounts

Jupiter Mount

The Jupiter Mount symbolizes authority, willpower, self-respect and ambition. A prominent and well-developed Jupiter Mount indicates a career bent and ambitious nature and someone who is also honest, reliable and responsible. It also signifies a good reputation and strong possessive nature towards money and love. Entrepreneurs, civil servants and army personnel can achieve significant success and fame with well pronounced Jupiter Mount.

A lowly Jupiter Mount indicates the person in is vulgar, timid, clumsy, dishonest, and has zero moral, whereas, an over developed Jupiter Mount connotes an over ambitious, and pretentious nature.

Saturn Mount

A well developed and prominent Saturn Mount signifies a person who is sincere, patient, independent and highly intelligent. He/ is also genius at calculation and has exceptional organizing skills.

A low Saturn Mount is an indication of sad, depressed, scrupulous and lonely nature. Further, it also signifies a secretive nature.

Apollo Mount

The Apollo Mount is concerned with matters like interests, emotion, wealth and beauty.

A well-developed Apollo Mount signifies a mild, clever nature with an artistic bent of mind. Such people are usually compassionate and helpful.

A less prominent and poorly developed Apollo Mount connotes lack of taste towards aesthetic and refined things of life. Such people generally are unable to gain much fortune in life in spite of aiming big.

Mercury Mount

The Mercury Mounts associated with wisdom and thinking power. A highly pronounced Mercury Mount on one’s palm indicates humorous and witty nature and strong management skills.

A low Mercury Mount indicates negativity of mind and lack of willingness and enthusiasm to make big achievements in life.

Luna Mount

The Luna Mount or Mount of Moon is connected to intuition, imagination, and mystery.

A well pronounced Luna Mount signifies a strong imaginative and intuitive nature. Such personalities usually are dreamers are lovers of freedom.

A low Luna Mount indicates conservative ideas, and lack of imagination and innovation.

Venus Mount

The Venus Mount is associated with health, affection and love.

A prominent and developed mount of Venus indicates sympathetic, sentimental, gentle, and mild nature. Such people easily enjoy good fortune and are loved and adorned by the people of opposite sex.

A low Venus Mount signals low energy and lack of interest.

Mars Mount

The Mars Mount has three important mounts: The Inner Mars Mount, Outer Mars Mount, and Plain of Mars.

  • A well-developed Inner Mars Mount signifies positive adventure and courage whereas a poorly developed Inner Mars Mount makes one indecisive and timid.
  • A well-developed Outer Mars Mount indicates fearless, steady and wealthy life whereas a low developed Outer Mars Mount signals restless, impetuous, and coward nature.
  • If the Plain of Mars is wide with no cross, it shows a good sign. If it’s very low and has many crosses, it indicates a life full of struggle.

To get effective reading of Palmistry Mounts, you should consult a Palmistry expert.

Astrology basically consists of many different belief systems which can tell you the relationship between astronomical phenomenon and human being.

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