Basic interpretation of the tarot suits of Pentacles

The tarot suit of pentacles or also called as the coins or disks is the perfect representation of the elements of earth. Its meaning covers the material aspects of your life including work, trade, business, property and other materialistic possessions. Also, some positive aspects of a suit of Pentacles include realization, manifestation, prosperity & proof.

It deals with the consciousness & outer situation of a person

The tarot cards of Pentacles basically deal with the consciousness & thus it can mirror out the outer situations of your work, health, creativity as well as finances of a person. The cards of Pentacles teach you something about the surroundings, how to shape it, how to create it and at last how to grow it. More specific they deal with the self-esteem, self-image, and ego.

Negative aspects of suits of Pentacles

Apart from that, there are some negative aspects too with the tarot cards of Pentacles when they appear in reversed. It includes being greedy, possessive, materialistic, not able to manage one’s finances, overly focused on career. To overcome from these negative aspects, one has to return to nature and starts finding what is truly important in your life. Also, some better planning and goals setting can overcome this kind of situation.

Cards of Pentacles

There is a total of 14 pentacle cards in the tarot deck of Pentacles & each card focuses on the different issue of your life regarding the materialistic zone. By sums up we can say that these cards can constitute the overview of the relation between money & objects. They are also concerned about the income & personal finances & in this way they rule the things around the materialistic world.

The reading of tarot pentacles

They emphasize the energy associated with this world and can show you the reality when the things you desire the most starts dominating your emotions or thoughts.


The tarot cards of pentacles in essence deal with the awareness & thus it can reflect out the outer state of affairs of your effort, physical condition, imagination as well as assets of a person.

Astrology basically consists of many different belief systems which can tell you the relationship between astronomical phenomenon and human being.

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