Rashiphal is astrologer’s interpretation based on a system of solar sun sign astrology i.e. based on the position of the sun at the time of birth of the person. There are different types of Rashiphal and are calculated in different ways. These are predicted by astrologers by studying the certain planetary position of the planets in person’ birth chart and predicts the present, future and informs about the fortune or misfortune which lies ahead in the life.


The Western rashiphals are calculated in different ways, and Vedic is calculated differently. The Western people have named the different signs of rashis as Zodiac sign and for 12 months’ different zodiac names are assigned to each month. Aries is a zodiac sign for the people who are born between particular dates of April and it serves as a starting point. While in Vedic astrology they are assigned different names in Hindi.


Some rashiphals are predicted based on the name of the person and some on the nakshatras in which they are born. The good and bad time of a person’s life is predicted by rashiphals only. Rashiphals can be known by getting the horoscope read by the learned astrologer. New and accurate software and applications are also available online or in mobile phones for horoscope reading which is made with the help of learned astrologers.


To calculate western rashiphals all the twelve months are given English names and the person born between particular dates of the month has that zodiac sign which has been assigned to that month. The Vedic rashiphals are calculated considering the movement of stars and grehas of that period on which a person is born considering date and time. The panchang is also used to calculate the rashiphal. In rashiphals, all predictions can be made whether it is of when one will get married or when one will get a job, have children, when there will be fortune or when misfortune will end.

The belief in the rashiphals is mostly of Hindu Community in India, they visit astrologers now and then to know everything about their future and do the acts according to it. No matter how advanced a country becomes technology wise people will still believe in all these things and will plan their future according to it. They think if thy will move according to their rashiphals all the things will fall in their place.

Astrology basically consists of many different belief systems which can tell you the relationship between the astronomical phenomenon and human being.


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