Tantra Mantra

Tantra Mantra

Tantra mantra is the basic form of praying to God

The ideals of worship are normally unknown to those who dwell outside the basic tradition, and one can approach the Goddesses by being a simple devotee in many forms. Likewise, a song & a mantra are the simplest forms of devotion available. Every goddess in this world has at least one major Pranama mantra, which is nothing but a mantra normally used to appease the God with complete reverence & respect.

Tantra and mantra, the darker side of magic

There are still a number of places in our country where black magic still exists as a part of a basic ritual or as a practice. This is not only in remote or distant places, but it is true for urban places also. Tantra is less talked but much-practiced part of astrology. In many cases, black magic brings out the darker side of the person. There may be chances that your aunt or your next door friendly neighbor could be a regular practitioner of the “tantra vidya.”
Today in many areas of our country people are falling prey to the act of tantra vidya instead of showing devotion to god with the help of mantras. However, there are many charts that can reveal the strong presence of the occult especially with the combination of moon and ketu in your horoscope. Although, it can be neglected by the Jupiter and such a person may fall prey to the black magic. Black magic can certainly manipulate the thoughts and can gain control over the victim.

Is it worth to take part in this?

One can achieve happiness and can overcome distress with the help of using mantras in a proper form for solutions to their problems. With the help of certain mantra’s or tantra vidya, many predictions can do to overcome the distress or remedies without any kind of hesitation. Tantra mantra is the science of astrology with basic intelligence & knowledge about the communication with the supreme commander of this world.

Astrology basically consists of many different belief systems which can tell you the relationship between astronomical phenomenon and human being.

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