Progeny Problems

Progeny problems

The cry of a newborn lit up the entire house with joys and celebrations. The newborn not only connects the family but also it brings the hope and cheers for the new beginning. A couple steps to the next level of the life as parents.
Progeny is important in countries like India where there is a strong role of a male child. The male child is the one who does last rights and takes your legacy forward.

Progeny problems are quite common nowadays with couples getting married at a later age.

If any couple is facing a trouble in progeny, they can take help of astrology. Astrology provides proven ways to deal with problems related to progeny.

Here are few points that one should not overlook to get rid of progeny:-

Check before Marriage

Marriage is a sacred relationship. It connects two souls and their families as well. Match the birth charts of both prospective groom and bride before finalizing their commitment. Look for progeny problems if any.

Check the houses to ensure

Get Kundli analysis before marriage. Take a look at the 1st, 5th house to check the upcoming progeny issues. Once you know the chances of progeny, you can take necessary remedies to curb the effect of progeny.

Check for longevity and healthy child

 A lot of couples are there who face the problem of unborn or short lived child. Astrology can deal with all problems related to progeny. Strengthen the power of strong planets t support ailing health of your child.

Astrology can prove to be a great hope for couples dealing with progeny. There are many ways to overcome the difficulties of having a child.

Live a stress-free life with astrological remedies and their proven results to have the blissful lie. Celebrate the joy of cradle and cry of a new offspring in your family.


Astrology basically consists of many different belief systems which can tell you the relationship between astronomical phenomenon and human being.

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