Tarot Cards and Its Various Meaning
Tarot cards have been in use since the 15th century. It has been most common among the European countries and its people. They start using these symbolic cards which show different symbols. Though this symbol has some particular meaning, yet they have been used for trump cards playing purpose. Now day tarot card reading is being considered as like the personality telling and thus tells a lot about the days or your upcoming life. The fourteenth card is the death one which one of the cards of the major arcana. It has its meaning which we will be discussing.
Death cards- nothing to deal with death
Contrary to the name of the card, the death card does not deal with anything that is dangerous as death. It defines death in a positive way which can change a person’s life in many aspects. Death has been considered as something which will end us up. But the tarot card death tells that death is something which starts a new beginning and thus can get a new start for the soul. It is just an unchangeable transition of life form. Thus, it is the beneficial one which must be considered as the right thing and inevitable thing in our life.
The symbol of the card
The card has the symbol of a horseman who is riding on the top of a pale steed. He is holding a black banner which has the sign of a white rose. Thus the black denotes the death, and the white rose denotes the light of new life. Many lives fall before the horseman though the person does not have any weapon. So it signifies that the horseman brings death to all people without any discrimination. The background shows the spiritual world with the sun and the world of all spirits thus symbolizing immortality of the soul.
Death tells about new start of life
In the tarot card reading, the spread of the death card tells not about the actual death of life, but the death of any old situation with a new beginning. It can bring in new hopes and thus transform the situation in a new way. It tells you about a future which gives you hope and signifies productivity in the life. It tells about new hope and a new beginning, which can transform life inthe best way. So nothing there is the world negative. It is you who take it in a negative way and make different senses of it.

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