Tarot cards deck with 22 cards
Major Arcana consist of 10 tarots cards. And among all the 22 cards of the deck the twentieth card is the judgement card. It has its symbol, and the symbol depicts its meaning thus giving a new meaning of the life. The cards show the image of an angel with trumpets and the human being is seen rising from the ocean or the water totally naked. And so it tells all about the rebirth and resurrection. Everything comes with us and grows with us. The past cannot be left behind, and we have to take the memories with us until we take another birth and those fades away.
Judgement cards for the memories of past
The ruling element of the judgement tarot card is the fire, and it tells all about the resurrection and rebirth of lives and souls by forgiving their sins and their past. Without the forgiveness of the soul, we cannot take the rebirth and thus it will go on or will ever end. It is the life that teaches us to move on whatever we learnt in the past. We get the lesson from our experience, and those help us to move forward in our life. And we cannot leave this past behind until weface those moments.
Judgement tells a lot about your life
In the tarot card spread, the cards tell about the big news of the achievement with a sudden awareness or a pleasure of the situation. It tells about new possibilities over the past things and can open the life door to new things. Learn from the mistakes of the past and handle the new opportunity in the right way. It shows all the new hope and a fresh start that is being expectedshortly. So it is all about the growth in life and the positive growth that can matter a lot.
On a reversed direction, the judgement card can be quite harsh and shows some critical behaviour of the human being. It deals with some of the non-constructiveness that will handle the situation with harshness and thus can bring in a lot of problems in life. But there is no one bigger than oneself who can be their critics to the world. Get to know about yourself and criticise yourself rather than following others closely. This will help you to go forward in life with all the power in you and get a new hope in life.

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