The High Priestess

Things to Know About Your Life Path with the High Priestess Tarot Card
The High Priestess Tarot card also called the high priestess depicts one of the most powerful veiled faces of the goddess that represents mystery, divine, lone, dark and light mix, secrets, hidden and the ebb as well as the flow of the natal Moon’s, which influences upon the Earth. It also affects the creatures of the world. The high priestess represents or says about the virginal self-contained facet of the very primitive triple faced goddess, which is fully ruled by Moon. If you want to know more about thehighpriestess, you should consult with the tarot reader.
What this high priestess represents
The high priestess represents the virginal self-contained as discussed which is entirely controlled or ruled by Moon. The moon represents your mother or the feminine characters in your family, on the opposite side the sun, which is the masculine characters in your family. As the name suggests the high priestess, the moon or the feminine give you the feel, instinct, changeful of moods principle as well as thefertility of that are the qualities of the priestess or the moon on your tarot reading.
What Mythology says about Priestess
This is the symbol of the triple-faced goddess who is linked or connected to the cyclical phases of your natal Moon. It is said that in her virgin or the maiden of the guise, he is the new fool moon. The full moon is the great one, and the fertile mother says the infinite old crone. She is also the symbol of the dark as well as the waning moon. The basic of the high priestess tarot card means the high Priestess, which or who is heightened perception of the 6th senses. If you want to know more about your life, you can use this high priestess tarot reading.
Relation of Priestess and Goddess
Thehighpriestess normally represents the virginal self-contained, or the self-controlled facets of the ancient triple faced goddess that has been described. The priestess might appear at the time when your life wants to dive in the deep interest inmystical matters, the paranormal or sometimes occult things. One of the most important things is theherald of the hidden part that is all on the surface of the deeper emotions that only can be discovered with this tarot reading. Tarot reading is very interesting and can give you a zestfor your life in a part or whole.

Astrology basically consists of many different belief systems which can tell you the relationship between astronomical phenomenon and human being.

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