The Tower

Tarot cards for the symbolic meaning
There are the major and minor arcane that differentiate the 22 decks of tarot cards. And among them, the sixteenth major arcana card is the Tower one. It has its meaning and interpretation of any other cards. Often in the tarot card readings, the appearance of the tower card often is misunderstood as something not expected. But there are other vibes of the card, and it can bring me a lot of positive changes to us and get the right solution for the ever changing life. We will be discussing the meaning of the card here with its symbolic representation in the right way.
The tower tells of destruction based on image
The tower is often being seen as for the destruction, misfortune and other things which are not at all expected in our life. The symbol tells about a burning tower from which two human beings are coming out and falling. Thus, it is an image of destruction and downfall. But always that is not the meaning what we see around us. It has some deeper meaning that led to the positive side of our life and gives us new hope to live with new vibes. The actual interpretation of the tower is something to break free the old thoughts and get to embrace the new thoughts to get forward in life.
Tower teaches us to embrace new things
Every tarot card teaches us a lesson, and the tower teaches us to look again at the base of the systems, thefoundation of various systems and belief. This will bring in a lot of changes and the older ones have to be altered. Looking to the world in a newer way can bring some new changes which can bring in a new foundation and cling to new thoughts. Every human being is always familiar with the belief that they are continuing for a longer period. But changing it in a newer way can bring in a change in life.
The tower, which is burning in the images tells about the things which are not immortal, and they will perish any day. So we have to destroy the old things as they will perish now or tomorrow. And this led to the development of new things which gives a new phase in the life and a new direction to live. Hence it is the most important thing that can bring our life to a thing which will help in getting the new thing.

Astrology basically consists of many different belief systems which can tell you the relationship between astronomical phenomenon and human being.

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