The World

The world card is the ultimate card for everyone
The twenty-first tarot card of the tarot card deck is the world. And it is the last card of the entire deck. The world is the last one which depicts the image of a dancer dancing within a yoni having two hands in the hands. The corners of the image are taken up by a cherub, an eagle, a lion and a bull. Thus the story yarns around the fool who has taken the last step in the sun’s garden and found himself again at the same place where he had startedon the last journey. Thus he found himself at the same cliff experiencing the same memories that he has already passed out.
The card depicts a lot about the about life
The card depicts a lot, and every image has its meaning in an interpreted way. The Yoni or the wreath depicts the mother earth or the womb, which give rise to new life thus creating new life to the world. In other ways it is also depicted as the doorway to the next life after the life, you have just ended. Thus it will be going on and on with the new beginning in a new way but at the same place from where one had started.
Dancer loves to dance at any corner of life wheel
The dancer is a one who loves to dance and enjoy it wherever the person is. It depicts that a dancer while sent to any corner of the world will enjoy dancing and will not object to it. So we may not have born at the same place every time but at a different place but we enjoy the beauty of dance at any corner we take the birth. And at the corners are the Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio which are the fixed zodiac signs of the wheel. Thus every time we are in thedifferent direction of the wheel with different zodiac signs that make us a different person. But we love to take the birth every time. So it is all about celebration and success of life.
In the tarot card spread it tells about the coming success of life with praise and celebration in the life. It will show hope of long waited thing that has not been finding its way out of the maze. And finally, everything will be sorted out and in a successful way. Thus the world gives you the issue of celebration, and thus it can show you the joyous future in your way out.

Astrology basically consists of many different belief systems which can tell you the relationship between astronomical phenomenon and human being.

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