Best Tips for Planning Your Bathroom

Most of the time, you do not consider many things about the bathroom, while making the plan and layout. Out of the different things, you check the drainage system of the house the most and consider that alone in your house. Vaastu Shastra has got direction for planning the bathroom in your house too. It is the room that drives off the negative things from your body and also from your mind. Consider the below-mentioned things in your house, and that will change all the things in your house, quite easily.

Some Essential Tips

  • One of the most critical areas of your bathroom placing is the placement of the commode. Vaastu says, its position must be on the north-south
  • It is always good to place the bathroom in the west or even in the north west of another room in your house. There are the parts that spread turmoil to the room and hence block those areas.
  • Construction of toilet to the south is allowed, but you will not like to place them in the south and spoil your house’s position.
  • The commode must not be placed in a way, where the person sitting on it is facing north or south.
  • If you are putting the commode in the basement, keep the place at least 1-2 feet higher.
  • The entrance of the bathroom must be either from the eastern wall or the northern one.
  • The water of the Bathroom must flow through North or East. Vaastu says that water drainage has many auspicious and inauspicious things attached to Maintain that through the proper flow of bathroom water.
  • All the taps in the bathroom must either be on the eastern side or the northern direction.
  • The light color is always a preference in the bathroom.
  • The bathroom window can be in any direction, but not in the south.

If one can keep all the above things in mind, while planning the bathroom position in the house, peace, and good health will remain there forever. This is one of the confirmations that Vaastu offers to the dwellers.


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