Vastu Tips for Bedroom

Few Tips Based On Vaastu Shastra To Make The Bedroom Perfect

According to a survey, it is found that entire all the house dorm room is that place where people are staying comfortable. This is the only place where people can redeem their stress level by relaxing. This is a room that is using for the purpose of personal usage. According to the Vaastu Shastra, people are suggesting by the expert for maintaining few things during the time of decorating the dorm room for getting a perfect room using for the purpose of Bedroom.

Knowing about what facing side is perfect for whom

  • East: – this is the perfect for those people who are unmarried.
  • West: – this is perfect for the student, and this increases the level of a girl child born in the family.
  • North: – this is the perfect place for the young couple as well as a secure place for keeping important documents, jewelry, cash and many other more things.
  • North East: – according to the Vaastu shashtra, this is not a right place for dorm room until any sacred place is build in the house.
  • North West: – an appropriate for those who are a newly married couple.
  • Southwest or South: – this is an ideal place for those who are the head of the family. It is very important for staying good of a family head that the person is leading the family very well. This is the ideal for staying of those kinds of people. This room should be larger than the rest other and must be situated on the upper ground.
  • South East: – this is not at all a perfect place for a dorm room, as because of this kind of dorm room are always being the reason of quarrel between the couple, as well as this place is not safe for the children also. According to a survey, it is found that while a child is situated in this type of room, that child is losing the interest from their studies. It is found that there is lethargy kind of attitude are seeing for staying these type of room for a long time. This is not at all a good place for creating a dorm room kind of peace place.
    Vaastu Shastra is helping you out from the uncertain bad situation due to the wrong creation of the bedroom in the wrong place.

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