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Tips to Put Your Kid’s Room At The Right Place – A Vaastu Suggestion

Your children are your everything, and you are ready to do simply anything for your kid. You can ensure good health and secure life of your kid, just by observing the simple guidance from Vaastu Shastra. There are some strict underlines from this ancient Hindu science. Just follow those and ensure those in your Children Room. Your kid will remain healthy and fit all the time.

Essential Tips

  • The best place for your kid is the west. However, you need to get other positions too, depending on the position of the house and its entrance. Thus Vaastu gives some of the alternative ideas like northeast and southeast. Southwest must be avoided especially.
  • Placing of mirror opposite to the bed of your kid is strictly said no by Vaastu.
  • If you are placing any cabinet in the room, it must be in the west or south of the room.
  • Windows must either be in the east or the north.
  • No furniture must be placed attached to the wall. This protects the flow of the positive energy.
  • The suggested color for the kid’s room is green. It is the color of freshness and is best for your kid’s refreshing mind and energy.
  • Head of your kid must be in the south or east.
  • No electronic device must be placed opposite to the bed. They are the things that spread ill omens. It is better to put them to either left or right of the bed.
  • Study table of the kid must face north or east. These are the position where your child must face while studying.
  • Entrance to the room must be at the opposite to the bed of your kid. This can affect good health and good fortune of your kid.

There are other minute thongs too that you will have to check. Just get through the different things through the help of a specialist. He or she will be making the arrangement in totality. You can use the things for your purpose too. Give the ideas to the planners who will be doing the sketch for you.

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