Drawing Room

A Details About Your Drawing Room

In your new construction, positioning your drawing room is essential. This is the room that is going to change all the things. Your guests enter your house through this room. So how much good fortune they are going to bring for you, has to be made certain. Vastu Shastra can offer you some ideal plans, following which your house can be made much secured. Here are the best tips for you:

Drawing Room Position

  • North West position – If you are willing to avoid the late night parties and even the get-together parties, the best option for you is to place the drawing room in the northwest position. People or your guests will be feeling restless at your home while going to the parties.
  • North East – This is the position where you must place your deities. So, understand it clearly that your guests will be experiencing mental peace, while they reach your Drawing Room.
  • North Central – The north-central position is effective for your house to restore its positive vibe, while your guest enters your home.
  • South West– If you are expecting more guests to your house, this is the best plan for you. Your guests will come to your house, just like the flies come for sugar.

Drawing Room Entry

Now you will have to concentrate on the entry point of the drawing room. How exactly the drawing room entrance can affect your house and guests are narrated here –

  • Entry through north or east can be helpful for your health and wealth. This is true both for your house and for your guests.
  • Entrance to north east and south east is going to bring success for you, but you might have to work harder here.
  • Entrance to the west in your drawing room is for the creative house owners. If you are a scholar, you can find great success through these type of entry.
  • Northwest marks your success in versatile areas while entry through south-west is not considered auspicious.

Considering the above things, you can well go through the new construction work and safe side your prosperity.

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