Vaastu Tips for Living Room Construction

Planning your living room is something that is critical. You will have to place the room at the front part of the house. This is the basic norm of the house construction. Now if your house placement is different, you will face some vulnerable effects. Vaastu Shastra strictly says that living room must be in the north of the house. Now if, your house is facing east or west, putting the living room in the north direction can become tough. Look at the different guidelines suggested by Vaastu. You will get a proper idea about the placement of the Living Room.

Top Tips

  • The simple thing that you can do in the above-stated condition is to remove your conventional ideas. The conventional idea about living room placement is at the front. If your house is facing east or west, cancel the idea to place it at front.
  • Heavy things must be placed top the southwest. Sofa or standing cupboards can be placed in that position, but never place those at the front side. The TV and other gadgets must be placed in the east, but keep the southeast position left for the heavy goods.
  • Placing the music system in your house is very much critical. There are different thoughts related to that and from that, people often ask the Vaastu Professionals about placing them. Make it a point that this is not related to Vaastu, since only audibility factor is there.
  • Another important thing that you must consider is the placement of the doors in the room. The room is to be placed at the front part and in the north. Keeping those two things, it is often thought that the door must be in the north. The right plan is to keep it in the west. North is the position of Kuber, and crossing Kuber by a guest means wealth loss.

The above things are the basic guidelines to construct your living room. Keep them in your mind and apply them at the time of plan making. On the other hand, if you are assigning the task to a specialist, the rest will be taken care of him or her.

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