How to Set Up Your Kitchen

The kitchen is considered to be the most important room in your entire house. It is the room that controls the room environment of your house and your health too. Your nature is motivated by the food you eat and that is processed in this room alone. This is enough to give you an indication of the importance of the room in your house. Vaastu Shastra has many odd things in it, and they can be applied in your house and especially the kitchen. Here are some of the tips from Vastu for you –

Avoid The Following Things

  • Your Kitchen must not be above or below the Puja Room.
  • Same is the case with toilets and bedroom. Your kitchen must not be above the toilet/ bedroom or below it.
  • Your stove or gas cylinder must not be directly opposite to the entry door of the kitchen. The door must not be in the corner of the house too. It is better to place the entrance of a kitchen, either to East, West or North.
  • Kitchen in the North East corner of the house indicates lots of suffering for the owner of the house.
  • If your Kitchen Set up is in South West, that might lead to a clash between the family members.
  • While placed in the northwest, the monetary expense of the owner will go on increasing, since north is the side of Kubera.
  • Wall color of the kitchen must not be black by any means. Your refrigerator or any other device must not be facing north.

What to be done

Here are some of the tips that you can apply in your house –

  • Your platform must be in the east or southeastern part of the kitchen.
  • Try to keep an L-Shaped platform in your kitchen next to your stove. Keep the electronic gadget there.
  • The position of Kitchen sink is North East.
  • Grains and spices must be kept South or West.
  • East or North East must be kept
  • Floor color must be yellow, red or rose must be the color of the walls and floors.
  • Try to offer a portion of the first preparation in the kitchen to fire. This will maintain peace in your house. Try to clean the kitchen before sleeping.

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