Pooja Ghar

Find The Perfect Location of Your Pooja Room

Pooja Ghar is one of the most important rooms in your entire house. It is the room that has the power to drive away all the negative vibes in your house. However, considering Vastu in your house can be your perfect support. Here are some of the tips that are going to help you a lot.

Where to Locate the Room

  • Pooja Room must be in the east, north or northeast. You can even construct the room in the central part of the house.
  • It should be placed on the first floor and not in the basement of the house. It should not be placed on the upper floors of the house. Placing that to the north-eastern corner of your kitchen is great for your use.
  • The Pooja Ghar must not be in the bedroom of your house. This room must not be attached to any of the walls of the toilet.

Where to Place the Idol

  • Idol in the Pooja room must be in the northeast, or you can place that either in east or west. Your idol must not face north, and it must face south.
  • Vastu says no to worshiping broken idols and old idols, brought from somewhere else. It suggests that they must not also be kept in your worshiping room.
  • If there are different idols in your room, they must not face each other by any means. Positive energy is sourced from each of the idols. If they face each other, the positive energy will clash each other, and that will ultimately be nullified.
  • The throne can be placed on the walls, but the idol must be kept at least at an inch from the wall. This is something that is not often declared by the specialists since they feel that you are already aware of the thing.

All the above things are going to help you a lot in your daily life. All the declarations, which are declared above are for the benefit of your family. If you are looking for something more, the norms will be different. So, do not apply these things at that time.

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