Tips in Construction Of Stair Case According To Vaastu Shastra

Staircase pulls you up to the sky and hence is something that is very much important in your entire house. The positioning of the stairs, the color used in the paints and even the shapes are significant in determining your good or evil fortune. This is the thing that determines the welfare of the family, the health of the family members and even prosperity of all the family members. Here are some do’s and don’ts that Vaastu directs.

The Do’s

  • It is a guide for all the dwellers to glide the staircase either in south or west or the corner position between them. The stairs that are outside of the house must be in the southeastern Ascending must be south or west and descending motion must be in east or north.
  • Try to keep the climbing aspect in the stairs, as much clockwise as possible. Do not leave the place under the staircase. Do not even use that for other issues, except storing.
  • The best way to determine the number of steps, one must climb is to be in odd figures. It is always better if the number, when divided with 3 remains 2.
  • The light color of the wall at the side of the staircase can be specially designed.

The No’s

  • The stair must not be in the north-east. It can bring financial or business loss.
  • Stair in the middle of the home must not be allowed. This is the Brahmasthan and must be kept free.
  • Spiral stairs cause bad health.
  • Under the stair, there must be no cash box or almirah. Toilet and pooja room must not also be placed there below the stair. There must be a difference in a number of stairs to go up and to go from the basement.

The above features are special checkpoints to be kept in mind while constructing staircase in your house. If you give stress on them, financial and business stability can be maintained by easy means. This is the key reason to consult a Vaastu specialist while planning your stair. Apply the above concepts in your construction. They will help you a lot.


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