Vastu Shastra Tips

Best Vastu Sastra Tips

Vastu Shastra is a science of architecture, proposed by ancient Hindus. The science fixes different rules, following which a house or commercial building can find success and good wishes. Here are some of the top Vastu Shastra Tips that one can easily maintain.

Some easy tips

  • Hang a name plate outside your house. According to Vastu Shastra, this brings good fortune for the owner of the house. Simple logical understanding says that while the owner’s name is declared, identifying the house becomes easier. Hence, good things coming to your house will never go back.
  • Vastu Says to lighten your house with incense and light. This puts away the evil or negative things out from the house, and your house can remain safe with positive vibes.
  • Your kitchen must be in the south east or north west, according to the sacred science.
  • Lemon is one of the most important things that must be kept in the house for putting the bad things out of the house. Lemon can put aside the negative things from the house.
  • Medicines must not be kept in the kitchen of any house. They are something that can influence negative things in the food.
  • According to Vastu, the mirror must not be placed in the bedroom. If there is any mirror in the room, that must be covered during sleeping.
  • Holy water and holy symbol, when placed in the house can bring some good fortune to the house.
  • There must not be any picture frame in the house, which will show any negative impacts on the room. This will imply some negative impact in the house. So, try to keep those images on the walls, that represents an effective show of positiveness.
  • Salt is essential to deal with negative energy. So, try to keep that in the corner of the house or every room.

Here are the most important and simple tips that can be followed by anyone. It is true that there are different things in the house that can make a big change in your surroundings, your fate, and your behavior. Vastu Shastra Tips state all of those. Follow them and remain happy.


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