10 of Cups Reversed

10 of Cups Reversed

The reverse 10 of Cups is another card full of promise and joy. This is a happy card. It gives you a warning to not to overlook happiness for future as you can live for today. One day at a time. See to the various aspects of happiness that are there in front of you and you haven’t noticed yet.


The reversed 10 of Cups says that you might not like every aspect of your work but you are appreciated for more things than you do. If you want to work at a place look cheerful and a positive, interesting person to stand out in the crowd.


If in a romantic relationship and you pulled the 10 of Cups in reversed, then you are wasting time on the people who have left you long ago whereas you must be thinking about people you have today. Don’t keep high standards or fancy relationship, instead focus on the perfect partner you have as every individual is different.


As with the upright 10 of Cups, the reversed 10 shows that money has a good flow in your life. The reversal reminds you though that gratitude for what you do have and this is the best way of increasing your financial resources. Show gratitude and help others to achieve more in life.


The reversed 10 of Cups is a reminder that in this day and age we must all stick to possible things that we can do in life. We ought to get old and we will gradually. Don’t excuse your health on grounds of your youth and age. Support your health and take necessary actions.


Count upon your blessings and drop the habit of comparing yourself with others. This is altogether a different approach. Stay now and seize the day to get fulfillment and show gratitude towards people who supported throughout to build your spirituality.

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