2 of Cups

2 of Cups

The two of cups focuses on partnership & choices

Falling for someone for the first time can be a great feeling, and you can determine whether this thing can last long with the help of two of cups while reading. This is the tarot card which can tell you the knowledge about bond formation between you & someone else. They are great in determining the outcome of any relationship which is quickly deepening.

Description of the two of cups

In this card, both a woman & a man are standing & looking into the eyes of each other. Just behind them is a cloudless blue sky & rolling hills are present below the clouds with the foreground of golden earth on which they are standing. Cups are the displays of emotion, expression, feelings & the overall role of emotions in relation to others. They usually display the thinking of individuals in relation to heart rather than to your head. In this three of cups, both of them are holding a golden cup. The woman is wearing a laurel crown, and on the other hand, man is wearing the fashionable attire of the “Mister rights” kind.

What two of cups signify?

The two of cups focused on the partnerships & choices, and it mainly appears whenever any two possible mates have to be chosen. This is the second best card after the love card when it comes to making a commitment in any relationship as it depicts the commitment & desires. It usually comes when you are exploring a kind of partnership. This card also appears when a person is getting a marriage proposal. If you have recently met with someone, then this particular card can symbolise the fall for each other in a significant way. It shows the level of attraction when you can’t think about anything else in your life.

As the two of cups also represents the choice and it can show the definite interest about a relationship which can be explored for the viability. Still, this card is a positive card that can boost your romance and shows that the feeling is mutual.

In case of reverse

Whenever this card appears in your reading as reversed condition, then it is the sign of unhappy couple or a sign of hot/cold relationship. This also represents the lack of commitment in a relationship. This could depict a partnership which could be in an ending situation.

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