3 of Cups

3 of Cups

Meaning of three of cups in general & other important areas

A page of cups can also warn you against the dangers in ahead of you like accepting proposals too hastily or eagerly. You have to decide whether you are ready for the significant changes in your life. Also, the page of cups can tell you a new birth, new opportunities, new idea or new venture is waiting for you. Let’s have a quick look at the three of cups important features.

Interpretation and Divination:

It is the surest sign of celebration with baby showers & birthdays featured prominently. It indicates an event that is bountiful & fun loving. The interpretation of the three of cups can denote you some friends are hanging out together to some place it could be at movies, at social events or at restaurants. With this, both emotional & social bonds can be strengthened. It is related to the lord of abundance.

Description & symbolism

The three of cups dictates three women are dancing in an autumn harvest & there are vines splashing out with ripe pumpkins & fresh red grapes around them. All women are dancing inside a circle & celebrating the fall equinox. The two women who are dressed up in red dress face her back to us, on the other hand, two women who wear a yellow dress are facing towards us. All women are holding the cups together with a ritualistic cheering & celebrating their day.

Three of Cups: Love

Being already in a relationship can indicate a celebration of love with a bachelorette party or a bridal shower for you. On the other hand, it can be a social event where all are getting to know each other better. Also, the three of cups can be a card of freedom from sexually and in this way it denotes the person who does not want to get down to his or her partner. It is just like having a fun time with their friends only. On a rare situation, the three of cups can depict a swinger’s party or any couple who only wants to explore a 3rd partner.

Three of Cups: Feelings

Asking about someone who feels for you can be a great feeling of love for you acceding to this tarot card. You can get some positive vibes from each other with a friendly approach. They just want to keep a good friendly relationship with happy & celebrating feelings.

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