4 of Cups

4 of Cups

The lord of blended pleasure: four of cups

The next card we have in our discussion is the four of cups, and this card is the depiction of lack of interest & the presence of outside forces that can take you in control. Let’s check out an introductory part of this card which is related to the zodiac sign cancer.

Description & symbolism

In this card, you can see a lonely man sitting under a tree with both of his hands folded on his chest. Three cups are present in front of him, but he is not watching them at all. A golden hand is reaching out to him like a cup from a small cloud. This is a cup of baggage. On the other hand, the four of cups is the home of the moon, which is nothing but a sign related to the cancer zodiac sign which shows the sense of despondency & moodiness that is crucially needed here. With the presence of the moon, three of cups can show ups and downs relevant to your life in certain conditions. This can also be the representation of giving some time to relax and doing some meditation to maintain your health perfectly. However, this one is temporary, and you can go on new moon for few more days.


  • It often signifies a refusal of some kind and this refusal can be of any kind of a job, a proposal, relationship,
  • It is the indication of someone is pushing you in making a hateful “no” decision without giving a thought to it. So it is the indication of keeping all the available options with you in this kind of situation.
  • Along with this thing, it also represents the lack of interest & boredom that a person will not regret. It can be anything like doing or talking about something else in your date.
  • This shows the lack of judgment or decision-making ability as a person is depressed and sad. He is missing some golden opportunities because of this indication. This kind of sadness can be caused by an outside force or any internal threat which is controlling you, and you are not able to do anything about this force.
  • This also represents that a person is hung over & can’t sight the alcohol anymore as this thing makes a person sick.


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