5 of Cups

5 of Cups

Five of cups in past, present and future scenario

The five of cups can warn you of the dangers in ahead of you like accepting proposals too hastily or eagerly. You have to decide whether you are ready for the significant changes in your life. It can clear you out the negative aspects, responses, emotions as well as passivity of a woman. Along with this thing, five of cups is creative, in-tune & intuitive in nature. Also, this is the tarot card which can tell you the knowledge about defeat & setback. The five of cups represents the struggle in your path of life.

Five of Cups meanings

This can indicate the feeling of not achieving your goals or an indication of disappointment for not able to achieve them perfectly. Whenever this card appears in your reading then you may find your life filled with regret, sorrow & grief and it often signifies a refusal of some kind like a refusal related to a job, proposal, relationship, etc. at the same time there is no need to fear about this situation as the five of cups has the potential to heal all these kind of problems without any kind of hesitation. This can be a great tool in determining the outcome of your existing relationship.

In terms of past, present and future scenario

Past Events

In terms of past aspects of this card, you have been stuck in a loop of regret, sad feeling in a hope to welcome the good future ahead. But at the same time, this will not be true for the long time as you can move ahead & take your lessons.

Present Events

It is not the time to be sad about your past condition or any setback. This card shows that you have taken some lumps & has been hit pretty hard by your past, but this is not the time to think about it. You should celebrate what you have accomplished in your life & it is the perfect time to evaluate your goals by not wasting your crucial time.

Future Events

This card indicates that a person wants to spend some quality time with the energies he or she may be investing in the path forward, and it can be a good reason to do this task as this is going to fulfil you. But at the same time, you have to be ready for a big disappointment if this thing goes unfortunately for you.

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