6 of Cups Reversed

6 of Cups Reversed

The 6 of cups seeks going back in time and cherishing those moments and times. In Reversal, this card showcase to emphasize on future and its endeavors rather than on the past. This card advice to not to get lost in good old days, focus on present and future for a better life. Life is all about living in today.


For a reversed of six of cups, it says that if you took work lightly then your time is over. See your surroundings with clarity as the job will not be a cakewalk for you. If you have wrongly perceived your ways at workplace then you need to figure out your course of action. Get to know the difference of various battles which you fight daily. Get to know your worth and battles worth fighting for.


If you are reading something in your relationship for quite a long time, then you may need to face it now. If you are in a relationship then things you have kept to your own self then they may come in front of your love life. Every effort counts and you need to make an effort to bring back the love of your life. If you are seeking someone for the relationship, make sure you have enough time and energy to make an effort.


To have a good flow of finances, you must pay attention to money and your actions around it. If you need help with handling your finances well, go out and ask for it. Asking people will enable you to get the entire cycle working for you. Figure our better ways instead of avoiding them.


If you got a 6 of cups reversed then this means an alarming situation where you have been ignoring some issue which needs attention. It is the best time to look at your health and make sure you take necessary steps. Find yourself ready and willing to take life changing steps. Work with let’s do it attitude for better health and positivity.


Reap tremendous benefits from others by learning their way of spirituality. Explore more about your own self-connect. You have saturated enough but this is the time you should seek people with experiences.

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