6 of Cups

6 of Cups

Tarot card interpretation & meaning of six of cups reversed

Having a materialistic side & addressing something that one should be addressed can be definitely spiritual & financially beneficial. Cups can tell you to spend some time with your hobbies by being creative enough to start engaging with the real world. So our next cup in the list of cups is the six of cups.


In reversed scenario a six of cups can be a card about looking back on how all your things “used” to be. This can be sometimes connected with your children or a childhood memory of your own. The reversal case can suggest you that a person is rightly beginning to pay much more attention to his or her future instead of his own past.

Meaning In General

This card in reverse case may suggest you that you should stay focused on your present & your future instead of getting or staying lost in good old days. You should start living your life in today.


The reverse case of this card in relation to your work does not necessarily to be a bad thing, but at the same time, it is just an indication for you that the colour of all your roses are off now and you can see all your surroundings with clear-cut and effective way. You have to think long & hard before deciding on to take some actions in your wrongly perceived actions. You just have to trust yourself to know the difference clearly.


The reversed case a six of cups indicates that soon you are likely to deal with all your issues that you have been avoiding for a couple of weeks with regards to love. In case you are in any committed relationship then you just have to deal with all your actions with great harmony do deal it with soon. If you are single then and finding a true love, then it is the time to look back at your actions and at yourself so that you can clearly identify what you are not doing (or doing) to bring a level of perfection in your love.


In reverse case of six of cups, in financial terms, you have to pay much more attention to all your actions or money. You don’t have to be hesitating in getting help in relation to financial terms so that your future will be secured financially.


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