6 of Swords Reversed

6 of Swords Reversed

Depiction of the six of swords

The six of swords is a card that generally depicts a woman along with a young child who is being rowed across a body of water and is consequently directed towards a land that in turn lies not far ahead. The apparel of the card also mentions the woman whose head is covered. It also indicates sadness along with great loss which denotes that the lady is more focused on making attempts to escape from something that has been dealt in the past. The water that has been existing on the right side of the boat also shows that the turbulent water that denotes the miseries of life while on the left side, the water is steady and calm, thereby depicting the slower aspects of life.

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The six of swords confirm the indication of a change or loss in the lives and a sense of moving away from something is in association with the card. It also upholds a more promising future associated with the representation of the card. The 6 of swords reversed to indicate the transition that is important to make at some part of life. The calm and steady water on the left side of the boat revealed a clear indication that recommends that a woman and a child have now successfully overcome the situation and they are circumstantially moving away from the turmoil and the conflicts that would certainly help them drive towards peace and tranquillity.

They may be sad in leaving their pasts behind them, yet, they are enjoying the goodness that exists in their lives. This also symbolises the power of a rational mind that overcomes the heart and the intuition. The 6 of swords reversed also allows you to move onto your new territories which are essential to avail a better future.

Summary:- Loss of lives may come all of a sudden. However, it is important for a human soul to realise that it is not the end of everything. We cannot stop there. Life is meant to go on and thus, we need to continue moving on as life leads its own way. Overcoming the situation is crucial.


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