7 of Cups Reversed

7 of Cups Reversed

7 of cups in reversal, ask you to move towards action, if you have been avoiding them for long then this is the time for action. Now decisions will take a concrete form. You have to take the first step and know how to take it with all guts.

At workplace

Are you trusting someone who is not worth it, figure out and look for people in your office environment who tend to put you in danger. If your gut feelings say he or she is not right, trust them and take a necessary action.


This card in terms of love says that you are very clear with what all you need from your love and how you want your life to be. Follow your instincts. There is nothing wrong with making your feelings clear to someone that you care for. Don’t dream of situations as it is better to face them. Trust your gut feeling and take the right decisions wisely.


In general, the reversed 7 of Cups says you need to be cautious with money, don’t invest in risky things. This is your hard earned money and you should always keep in best possible ways. Make every important decision with learning about all the possible aspects.


The 7 of Cups reversed says that you have realized and have clear ideas of how to support your health. Trust those ideas and stop delaying and over the thing as this is the time for action.


Take time to recover from a spiritual process as the trail is over and you need to take action for that. Put your heart soul together in evolving your own self. Let’s forgive and forget other and mediate to get better answers in terms of spirituality. Spend quality time with your own self and take best decision to enhance your spiritual health.

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