8 of Cups Reversed

8 of Cups Reversed

In 8 CUP Reversal, it showcases that you must be overthinking on a situation for a quite long which you need to terminate. In reversal, it means the opposite. It says that you haven’t given enough time to a problem to solve them or to get fair answers. You can think a bit longer about this problem.


With 8 cups of reversal, you may be feeling to get out of this situation and problem at workplace soon at the workplace. You might be thinking to quit your job to get rid of a difficult situation. This card suggests you to think twice before taking any decision. Don’t disregard your feelings but think twice. You can take help of your best friends as well for the second opinion.


Thinking to end a long term relationship, but in case of 8 cups of reversal give it a second thought. Try to live with challenges and the tough part of your relationship. Don’t feel lonely and stay happy as you must feel good about yourself. Spend time with a friend or anyone who is not known and you will feel happier than ever.


Take a slow methodical look at your finances. Consider necessary action that you must take and go out and take the advice of people around you. This process will take more than one day so give more time to yourself and learn about the consequences of actions taken.


This card suggests centering yourself and examining how your attitude can affect your health and well-being? You can control your thoughts so it is better for you to think positive and empower yourself. You are free to choose the ways of living life so keep things in your hand and control your life the way you want.


8 cups in reversal suggest you to find a friend and pour your heart out. Get out and find a group you are comfortable with and make things flow in the desired direction. Get in touch with divine powers as it resides in you and you need to discover it. Don’t isolate or seclude yourself just adjust with people and gain spiritual awareness.

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