9 of Cups Reversed

9 of Cups Reversed

This is the most pleasant card in the deck of the cards. This is often card wish card by people around. It says whatever you were wishing about is likely to come in real in near future. Wishes that are real will definitely come in front of you. This is more about giving yourself a reality check about things that actually matters to you and rest which you are day dreaming.


If you got 9 cups, this signifies deep fulfillment and feeling of content at the workplace. You will find more loyalty and more gratification at work. If you’re looking for work, this means that you are going to find something much more suitable, sooner than you would expect. If you feel like working for a higher position then take the control and go for it.


This card is a good sign when it comes to love life. The existing relationship will deepen and get sweeter with time and restore its essence and meaning. Mingle if you are single as you are likely to meet someone with whom you can have a deep, very meaningful and real relationship in the next few weeks.


It says deepen your way of living life than just your bank balance. If you are healthy, happy and have good people around you then you are indeed wealthy. If you receive this card then this is likely to increase your wealth and monetary situation.


In term of health, you are reasonably good. You can also take deeper steps to deepen your health. If dealing with a health concern, the reversed 9 is a sign to go deeper; to look at more than the surface nuts-and-bolts of your illness and to consider any spiritual implications which may help to support your health. In general, though, this card is still very positive.


This card suggests going deeper in terms of spiritual awakening.  Look beyond what is apparent on the surface and find meanings of life.


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