Ace of Cups Reversed

Ace of Cups Reversed

Love and Relationships

Since Ace of cups is a positive card, in reversal, it is more about holding your emotion and take control of your life. Unlike Ace of cards upright, that focuses on revealing your inner feelings, in reversal it is just opposite of that.
Emotions can showcase you as weak or make you look losing your balance of life. This card in reversal asks you to act stronger in life and look out for ways in which you can constructively respond to people without hurting them much.


Ace of cups shows the signs of progress, if you are looking for new challenges and changes you will be served with but you need to keep patience until you see them coming. If you are not leaving a place or job because of people you are connected with, give it a second thought on it. Changes are good and the only constant of life.


Ace of health in reversal shows your health is good and can progress with time if you invest time and energy for self-love and self-esteem. Give yourself a better chance to live your life.

Soul connect

In terms of spirituality and soul connect, this card showcase to connect to almighty, first establish connect with your own self. Love yourself and give importance to your thoughts. Once you will learn and practice self-love, only then you will be able to love and pray almighty.


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