Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups

Describing the formation & use of positive emotions with ace of cups

The ace of cups can be one of the best tarot cards you will get in your readings as it is full of positive emotions & also good in terms of love & relationship. This is the card that can give you some positive news in relation to love & affection for friends & family. This shows a positive relationship driven by the love, romance, passion & positivity.


Cups are the displays of emotion, expression, feelings & the overall role of emotions in relation to others. They usually display the thinking of individuals in relation to heart rather than to your head. This can display the spontaneous responses of yours to the habitual reactions. Apart from that, they are linked with creativity, fantasy & imagination. The water element rules the cups as same as air element rules the sword suit.


In terms of present situation, this card has the ability to show great love. This particular thing can be experienced when this card appears in your reading, and it will signal you the feeling of love & respect for the person in question. This shows the love interest of yours with great ability & powerful presence. But at the same time, there can be a situation in which you might find yourself in a state of making silly mistakes unintentionally. If a person is trying to find whether a current relationship will be lovable & honest, then you can be amazed to find the credibility of this tarot card as it can assure you the status full of love & respect. Both the partners will be able to express love & respect for each other.

In case the reading is reversed

Sometimes in reversed case, the ace of cups is taken as negative & yes we can say that the outcomes of this reversed tarot card can be negative in terms of emotions & love. Here the cup is not only empty but also upside down. This clearly shows that the water element which is the representation of these intense positive emotions has been gone. In this case, each & every element that can make a relationship works in a comfortable manner has disappeared. With love & respect has been gone, now, unfortunately, the beautiful feature of this tarot card not going to blossom you anymore, in that case, moving ahead in another direction is highly recommended.


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