King of Cups Reversed

King of Cups Reversed

The Kings of cups is about male and feminine energy, this holds all the positive qualities of both the genders. The card also showcases the risk-taking energy. When you pull this card in reverse it means that you are well motivated and take necessary steps.

At workplace

This card points towards an upcoming emotional burst which you may face in near future. This may give you some learning and new experience all together. Don’t get personal at such emotional outburst even if it points towards you. To make peace with the person, you need to settle the outburst later on seeking on which ground it has been made. in

In Love

This is an appositive card in terms of love and showcase the coming of a romantic person in your life and knows how to gain success at love and relationships. You just need to be open and see changes around you. Don’t ignore a new person in your life and welcome them with open arms.


This card warns you to not to fulfill dreams of getting rich on the shoulders on gambling, This can lead to futile situations where you would be left with nothing in hand. Risk taking is a better option but when taken wisely after looking at every aspect of the decision.


This card in terms of health issues ask you to trust the healers, doctors who are taking care of your health situation. If you are seeking alternative healing then you must take advice and look for suggestions first.


You will tend to get a little bit careless in terms of spiritual seeking. It is important to see yourself and explore self. Don’t follow anything blindly and think deeply many times before making any decision. The decisions making in haste will be later repented.


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