Page of Cups Reversed

Page of Cups Reversed

This card is an important card that asks you to let yourself lose to dream and play, yet sticking to the realities of life. The most difficult part could be the difference between dreaming and wishful thinking and how many things are achievable in real life. Weight down the consequences of wishful thinking in your life.

At workplace

In reversal, the page of cups showcase that you are appreciated at work. Don’t poke your nose into other matter and what is happening and why. Don’t drag yourself in troubles. If you are not sure about how to take care of things ask a friend.


The Page of Cups in reversal warns you to not to set your heart at somebody who is not available. Stay focused on an individual for the time that you think is enough for that person. If you think they reciprocate you in the same manner then keep it otherwise you can find more than one soul mate and there are chances of finding more happiness. Life is not about sticking to one person.


When you pull the reversed Page of cups, it means that you need to be more careful of recent purchases. Think before spending on anything until the time you think the need is deeper and don’t buy anything in haste or in any kind of impulse.


Discuss every medical cure you are using to treat yourself with your doctor. Don’t waste your hard earned money on any miraculous ways of treating the body. They are not going to work for you. Take one step at a time and think wisely before plunking down your card and investing into such medical ways.


You may be confusing fantasy with reality now, seek help from others to feel the difference and gain spiritual awakening.

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