Queen of Cups Reversed

Queen of Cups Reversed

The reversed queen of cups is about compassion, love and concern towards your own self or with other fellow mates. In the case of queen of cups, it indicates that this woman may be feeling hurt, put-upon, and can be becoming untrustworthy. Watch these signals before you take any decision. Treat yourself with love and compassion. Don’t let the past circumstances hinder the bright future. There may be women, whose feelings have converted from love to anger with time. If possible, make her understand about such drastic changes in life.


A woman at the workplace is the cord of concern, She has changed her ways from loving to trusting to untrustworthy. It is best to consider her feelings and look out for reasons of change. If looking for work, a woman may help you in finding the best opportunity for you.



When the reversed Queen of Cups is pulled out reading love, the point of view is good. This card asks you to stay focused on the loving side of your personality. True, deep love for others also encompasses understanding that other people are on their own timelines. Do not be irritated or forceful. Good things take time and stay dignified and don’t nag other people of your life.


This card warns you to not get aggressive in terms of finances. Put your money in better investments and places that can reap you good rewards. Think creatively with your money and its investment options. Don’t bet on money that you can’t afford to lose. Control your behavior with money and try to stay cautious with it. It’s possible that not everyone around you now is trustworthy with regard to money. Be thoughtful about where you place your trust.


The Queen of Cups reversed points to a need and support from family and loved ones. Look for a power source of energy, might be a woman to heal you through. In reversal as well you need to be loving and caring with other people. Visualize things in a positive stride and try to forgive.


When you pull the reversed Queen of Cups in this context, you may taste for spiritual growth and experience but always wait and try to be patient. Be open and proactive but don’t grow in hurry, take time.


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