What are Wands?

You might have come across the word wand in movies showing magical tricks for entertainment purpose. The wands are made of stone, wood, metal or ivory and of thin shape used to play the magical tricks by the magicians. For example, you have seen the latest movie Harry Porter in which you can experience the world of advanced magic tricks by the artists with the use of many types of wands.

Specifications of best wands

A wand is lengthy in style and has gemstones forged at the top for the modern and lavish look. In some of the ceremonies of government departments, the staffs carry the wands to represent their official power. You must have observed the Stone Age paintings which direct the figures holding a magical wand to reveal their power in a symbolic manner. The movie Harry potter has made the wands very popular that there are many stores selling the collection of Harry potter series. The best crafted and finest artistry can be experienced in one of the stores of Alivan’s.

Artistry behind the wands

There is a section of magical wands of finest collections of the store, where the witches and wizards can select their finest wand with efficient striking designs. The finest hardwoods are taken into working of the wands. A wand is merely not a wooden piece which is wrapped with elements of magic; instead, it is controlled by the mind and arms of the expert magicians. All the best wands are made of wooden material like oak, mahogany etc. Because of its maximum usage in your pockets or rolling at your desk or on your kitchen platform, so you cannot overlook the scratches and nasty hand prints on the wands. To erase all the marks you should use recommended Wand cream to polish it regularly and keep it as new as ever.

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