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What Astrology Has to Say About Your Travel Plans

It is said that the roots of astrology go back to thousands of years. Though there are skeptics who express their doubts on the authenticity of the subject; however, there are millions from all over the world who have accepted astrology as a genuine and authentic way of predicting the future.

There are many domains in astrology and it can get down to the minute details of your life. Starting from yearly prediction to weekly travel; astrology can offer you a very clear and vivid idea of what awaits you in the days to comes and how you should manage things in your life

Travel Prediction

Astrology has the power and capability to predict on how much you will be traveling in your life. It can even get narrow down it prediction to weekly travel where you will be informed about the types of places you are about to visit, what would be the purpose of the travel and so on.

If you are not a frequent traveler, then you might feel surprised to see that the predictions made about your traveling have come true. Now the question arises, how is it possible to predict such things? It is all about your zodiac and the positions of planets in your life which determines every single aspect, including travel

A Vacation or Work Tour

Astrology even has the power to predict the nature of your travel. It can tell you if it would be a vacation you will be going for or a tour related to your work. An astrologer, with the right kind of skills and expertise, can even predict the outcome of the travel.

If you are traveling for some professional reasons, he would be able to predict whether you would accomplish your objective or not. Be it your weekly travel predictions or any travel which awaits you in the long run; astrology can bring every single event on the table in front of you.

Which Planet Determines your Travel?

According to the pattern followed by the Western Astrologers, it is the planet Jupiter which determines how much you would travel in your life.

It is because Jupiter is said to be the lord of the 9th and 12th houses. When it comes to the pattern followed in Indian astrology, Rahu and Ketu are the two planets which play a significant role in determining your travels.

If you are planning for weekly travel and you wish to find out what awaits you, in that case, go through your weekly horoscope predictions


Astrology basically consists of many different belief systems which can tell you the relationship between astronomical phenomenon and human being.

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