The personality traits of Gemini with their characteristics

One of the best and fascinating things that astrology can give you is the certain patterns which exist on a normal basis. The personality traits of the Gemini are not random. They usually come from the certain combination of the sign of ruling planet, the sign of element, the sign of house & quality. All these kind of signs can be used on a consistent basis under the astrology, and they normally form the togetherness in their complete package which is nothing but the personality of a Gemini.

Some of the good traits about Gemini

• They can be intelligent, generous and friendly in nature.
• They love to do Outing, being social and objective to their management.
• They are easy going yet quick witted (clever) in nature.
• They are interesting to know and charismatic in the overall look.
• Independent yet flexible
• Adaptable to every kind of situation
• They rarely are possessive or jealous for over anything or anyone
• They are extrovert & self-confident in nature

Worst Gemini traits

If we talk about the worst traits of a Gemini, then there can be equal and opposite traits to the good traits of Gemini. Let’s take a look:
• Gemini people can be flirtatious, unemotional in nature.
• They can be superficial, unreliable and sarcastic in their behaviour.
• They tend to be restless, moody and impulsive also can have a lack of perseverance.
• They kind of devious personality and flighty in nature

Their likes and dislikes

They love to do talking, partying and dreaming on certain occasions. They meet new people with great charm and optimistic behaviour, and they love to try out new things on a variety of basis. Along with this thing, Gemini people tend to dislike things like boredom, and they don’t follow routines as they feel restricted in doing that.

Not all the Gemini’s will have the same traits

All these traits of Gemini exist if and only if someone has the Gemini sun sign. There can be situations while the personality traits listed above will be modified or replaced by the other traits. One can get the complete picture of someone’s personality by studying & examining all the planetary movements for an individual. As a kid, we may experience many different personality changes, but when a person gets older and older, there can be chances that certain negative traits be diminished with the wiser approach.

Astrology basically consists of many different belief systems which can tell you the relationship between astronomical phenomenon and human being.

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